Hair Dyes

Hair dyes produce in four basic colors (black, brown, red and yellow) and their derivatives by using natural vegetable origin dye sources. These hair dyes, which don’t contain any chemicals, have been successfully passed through dermatological and many other tests, and no synthetic chemical contents such as paraben, peroxide, phenylenediamine and ammonia have been confirmed. These hair dyes can be mixed with each other in the desired rate and allows different colors to be obtained.

Powder Pigments

Pigments and dyes in archaeological and historical artifacts are of inorganic or organic origin. DATU Laboratory, in the context of cultural heritage especially natural organic dyes's(vegetable or animal origin) production is similar and makes the same features to the period. these pigments are intended to be used for restoration and conservation works on historical or archaeological artifacts.

Liquid Pigments

DATU Laboratory produces 100% natural organic liquid pigment in combination with natural binder. These liquid pigments can be applied directly to the surface as well as mixing with each other in the desired ratio and are also suitable for obtaining different colors. Mixing of liquid pigment blends with each other don't observed caking. These pigments's consistency are oildye-like and water-based. These pigments can be used in restoration and conservation works, also nowadays suitable for use in children's furniture, wall dyeing, or on a work of art like a dyeing.


Crayons produced from natural organic vegetable or animal origin paint sources are prepared for use by children and don't contain any chemicals. These crayons don't contain even paraffin , don't pollute the hand, non-toxic and don't damage even when take into the mouth. Especially in children there is no give any reason allergies and they are safe by using every time and environmentally friendly.