Sadberk Hanım Museum

DATU has been working with the Sadberk Hanım Museum since its inception. In addition to analysis services, DATU has met the museum’s requests for yarn and textile/fabric dyeing, using natural dyes for the restorationa of textiles. Dyestuff analysis with HPLC-DAD leads our services to the museum, followed by fiber analysis and elemental analysis using SEM-EDX. Dyestuff analyses are performed on samples taken from the historical textile for yarn and fabric dyed with natural dyes, and relevant natural dye source is determined based on analysis results. The color intensity is then established through R&D studies and the restoration material is dyed in line with restoration procedures.

Topkapı Sarayı Museum, Eaten Room and Library of the Ahmed III

The analytical services provided by DATU make it a leader in restoration and conservation projects. Our services are therefore sought by a variety of restoration companies. Our services were applied at the Topkapi Palace Museum, where DATU determined the characteristics of the pigments used in the ceiling and wall decorations of the Library of Ahmed III. Elemental analysis of the samples was performed by SEM-EDX and the pigments types were determined according to the analysis results. At the same time, each color of the wall panel paintings in main chamber (Yemiş or Has Odası) of Ahmed III in the Harem section of the Topkapi Palace Museum was measured using a CIELAB spectrophotometer.

Foundation of Independent Art

As part of a project titled “The historical adventures of Istanbul’s Deranged and Mad Project,” dyestuff analysis by HPLC-DAD and fiber analysis by SEM-EDX were carried out on the yarn and hair samples of a baton owned by Düğümlü Baba.

Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (Vekam)

VEKAM and DATU cooperate intensively on a number of projects. DATU has provided numerous services to VEKAM that include analysis, natural dyeing and also scientific support. In addition to analyzing items in the Sadberk Hanim Museum collection, in 2018, DATU also conducted dyestuff and fiber analysis on a yarn sample from a historical textile in the Victoria and Albert collection.

In 2018, DATU supported an exhibition by VEKAM titled “Weaving the History:Mystery of A City, Sof”. 10 samples of 10 different colors of Ankara mohair were dyed using natural dyes for the exhibition. TCF and DATU also supported the exhibition through two articles on natural dyeing and dyes for the English and Turkish exhibition catalogues and provided a video on the dyeing process of the Sof fabric for the exhibition.